Why we choose GOTS?

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We are GOTS certified and that means a lot. Not only to us, but also to you as our customer. In the last 5 to 10 years, we have seen a growing awareness on environmental issues and the impact we all have on our planet. This also goes for the fabric and clothing industry that we as Quality Textiles are a part of. 

The demand for sustainable, organic fabrics and fashion is growing and that is exactly why we have decided to make a serious contribution by pursuing a GOTS certification. The international standard for organic cotton guaranteed by GOTS allows us to not only develop and work with environmentally friendly products, but also ensures a socially responsible production process.

So all in all, we are taking small, but much needed steps towards a growing collection of organically grown cotton fabrics, which are produced:

  • without the use of genetically modified seeds, harmful pesticides, chlorine, toxic heavy metals and dyes.
  • in better working conditions, including a minimum wage, no forced or child labour and a safe and hygienic environment for workers.
  • using additional waste and production water management in order to avoid harming nature.

With GOTS we support growth and green!

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